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This yet simple but powerfull tool script will save you a lot of time when creating your spritesheet animations!

With the concept of model once render all, you'll be able to create multiple angle sprites with a single click away.


Available Export Features

  • Rotation Steps
  • Render Target
  • Sprite Preset ( 4 Directions, 8 Directions, Front-Only, etc... )
  • [NEW]  Spritesheet Tool For Ease Packing Sprites Right Inside Blender
  • Custom Rotation
  • Custom Sprite Size
  • Custom Sprite Files Name
  • Optional Path
  • Quick Render
  • Camera Distance
  • Example .blend File Provided

Simple Installation

Example File Provided

Compatible with Blender 2.8

Automate Your Sprite Render Extraction Process Now

Custom Sprite File Names

Custom Sprite Sizes

Sprite Presets Feature

Just choose the preset directions ( Example: 4 Directions Sprite ) that you want for your asset and ta-da!

Sprite Preset - 4 Directions

( with auto generated filenames )

Sprite Preset - 8 Directions 

( with auto generated filenames )


Keep in mind that your camera should match within the actual render target mesh as shown in the example file.  ( Not out of bounds, otherwise the script won't work )


If you have multiple objects, you can parent them all to an empty box and select the Empty box as the render target.

But wait... What is a Pre-Render Sprite?

It's a sprite that was generated from a 3D model. Like this one:

Final Result Example


Pre Render Creator - PRC v2.0

Updated 27 days ago
AuthorVinicius Guerrero
Made withBlender
Tags2D, 3D, addon, Blender, development, Isometric, Pixel Art, plugin, sprites, tool


Buy Now$17.99 USD or more

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PreRenderCreator - PRC v2.0 17 MB

Development log


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Quick question: Is there an option to have the camera at face level to get sprites that would work well for a 2.5D fps game?


Hi BoJustBo, currently it's not integrated camera settings in the addon as each person has individual needs for the camera, but that can be easily set for the render as long as you have only one active camera in your scene. You can use this other free addon for setting the camera (https://bitbucket.org/mephisto_/create-isocam/raw/561f55b53cfd0cb53dab0150d2e57377f22db2e3/createisocam.py) And PRC combined to get proper 2.5D and isometric sprite in the best angle you need.

For future updates, we shall upgrade the addon to hold camera presets as well.

- Best regards.


- v1.0.3 Released with few updates adapted for new versions of Blender 2.8

Just purchased this tool. Really happy to see it getting updates :D